Apartment Living – How to become a good Neighbor?

Living in the apartments for rent in Charlotte NC can be something less than owning a unit, but there are responsibilities associated to everything. Living in apartments can turn out to be a complicated thing in terms of etiquette issues due to limited space present between you and others, however, little courtesy on your part can really make life easier for you. Some tips are given here that can help you in developing courteous relationships in your neighborhood.

First of all you need to be a bit friendly with others. It may not be necessary for you to know others, particularly if you’re a resident of a high-rise crowded building, but simple greetings can work wonders. When you live in smaller complexes you can easily know the faces, names and the parking stalls. Developing friendly relationships can also be helpful in easily interacting in future if somebody has concerns or questions. Make sure that you know the employees and the property management of your apartment rental. Make your contact list that can help you in emergency scenarios or in case if you need some maintenance fix. It is always a good idea to participate in the tenant portal or discussion board of the apartment.

When living in apartments in Charlotte you should be soft-spoken while exiting and entering. It can be a normal thing for you to walk to your front door from parking lot, but one needs to think that how loud the person is. Do not stomp on the stairwells, particularly when coming late in the night or leaving before the sunrise. Make sure that you do not walk around your apartment that has wood floors with your shoes on. In hallways your noise should be kept at the whisper-level. Loud conversations and laughter are considered a nuisance when people are sleeping or relaxing.

You should also be considerate about the level of noise inside an apartment. That’s something reported most commonly to the managers. If you are living above somebody else then you would need more of noise etiquette. Soft footwear tends to make lesser noise compared to heavy duty stuff like high heels or boots. You should not thump the feet around your kitchen at midnight. If you are requested by your neighbor to keep noise levels low then negotiate and find out a solution.

Try to use the exercise machines or vacuum on weekends or when other people are not home. Vibrations and noise go through the floorboards of the rental apartments in Charlotte becoming an annoyance. The rules for “quiet time” should be practiced with the children. Let them to run around and jump in the day and make sure that they do not do anything like that in the evening or at night. The volume of all your electronic devices like televisions and radios should be turned down. For neighbors who share walls with you, you’d like them to move away from the specific walls. A particular time should be set when you should not play games with high volume.

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